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Time is a big problem for most of us.  It can be the main reason that you avoid exercising.  Work, family, chores, and the army of other things that get in the way of working out. Health clubs are great, if you can afford the time and the money.  But the most reliable way to make sure you work out is to bring the gym home.  Even if you live close to a gym or a health club thereís a significant time expense. Between getting dressed for working out, signing in, driving there and back, it can easily be a good 45 minutes out of your day that you may not have.  That time is time you could have spent working out!

If anybody knows about fitness and staying in shape, itís Chuck Norris & Christie BrinkleyExercise is the one thing no karate master, film star, or supermodel can live without. They have created a piece of fitness equipment called Total Gym that fits easily into a home or apartment.  You can use it to do a wide variety of toning exercises that will help sculpt your body into the body you want.  What is unique about Total Gym is that you use your own body weight in easy to do and effective resistance exercises.  The resistance level is settable so you can vary between a program that emphasizes weight loss and one that emphasizes muscle toning.

Visit their web site to read success stories of people that have bought the Total Gym and created the body they wanted.  Be sure to look at Chuckís favorite exercises too.



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